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Benefits of drinking Chrysanthemum tea!

chrysanthemumChrysanthemum tea is a therapeutic herbal tea that has a diverse range of health benefits. Made of Chrysanthemum flowers (Chrysanthemum morifolii), it is also known as Ju Hua, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is prepared in a teapot, cup or glass. Often rock sugar is added during preparation.

Chrysanthemum flowers used in tea are classified as a cool, acrid herb which is good for relieving many health problems, one of which is aiding in the recovery from acne. In East Asia, this herbal tea is known well for its medicinal use for making people more alert and is often used to waken them.

In western herbal medicine, Chrysanthemum tea is drunk and used as a compress to treat circulatory disorders such as varicose veins. Amongst its numerous health benefits, Chrysanthemum tea can aid in digestion when the tea is taken along with meals. The healing properties of the tea can also aid in relieving congestion, dizziness, migraines and headaches. Along with that, drinking Chrysanthemum tea can help reduce shortness of breath and can also strengthen your lungs.

Chrysanthemum tea also has many antivirus and antispirochete (bacteria found in diseases such as syphilis and Lyme disease) qualities that can be helpful in curing blood pressure, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, heart colic and arteriosclerosis. It is also found that Chrysanthemum tea can help in reducing liver inflammation gradually. Furthermore, the cooling effect of the tea can also treat heat-related illnesses such as fever, flu and sore throat.

Additionally, drinking Chrysanthemum tea can improve cloudy vision and can also reduce redness, dryness and itchiness in eyes when applied directly on them. The regular use of this herbal tea is also believed to lead to an energetic body, better vision and hearing, alert brain and longevity.

After the tea has been prepared, the drink looks transparent and its colour ranges from pale to bright yellow. The tea has a very refreshing, floral and naturally sweet aroma and taste. Although typically prepared at home, this herbal tea can be found in many Asian stores, restaurants and medicine outlets due to its medicinal values. It can be found here on St. Maarten at various grocery stores in the form of canned and boxed teas or dried flowers.